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2018 10 Best Immigration Attorneys in Texas

Top 10 Immigration Attorney of Texas 2 Years in a Row!

Owner and Managing Attorney of the Holland Law Firm, PLLC, Tatiauna Holland, has been awarded the 2018 and 2017 Top 10 Immigration Attorney of Texas award by the American Institute of Legal Counsel*.

The American Institute of Legal Counsel grants this award to attorneys who have been deemed by their peers and clients to have outstanding knowledge of the law and customer service.

We would like to thank all of our amazing clients for the support and positive reviews!

2018 Best Attorney for Immigration

Making the American Dream Possible 

Headquartered north of Houston, Texas, the Holland Law Firm, PLLC represents clients with all immigration issues, including deportation defense, asylum, deferred action (DACA), citizenship and naturalization, adjustment of status, and more.

Whether you are a young person who wishes to pursue higher education, an engineer seeking to use his or her specialized knowledge in the U.S., or an individual who came to the U.S. to achieve the American Dream, the Holland Law Firm, PLLC will skillfully and competently handle all of your immigration matters.

Tatiauna Holland and her team bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you.




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Areas of Practice

Removal Defense

Risk of deportation can devastate an individual's personal and professional life. It is important to consult an experienced immigration attorney to discuss all of your legal options and build the strongest defense on your behalf. That's where we come in.

adjustment of status or Green card

Lawful permanent residence or a green card is a highly favorable form of immigration relief, which grants several benefits, including the ability to travel internationally, petition for relatives, and live and work in the U.S. permanently. There are several ways to become a permanent resident. We are here to discuss your legal options.


Everyone deserves to live safely and free from persecution. The U.S. provides special immigration benefits  or asylum to individuals who fled their home country because Asylum is granted only in limited circumstances. It is highly recommended to obtain legal guidance before applying for asylum.

Citizenship and Naturalization in Houston, Texas.png

citizenship and naturalization

Citizenship is the highest immigration relief granted by the U.S. Only citizens are entitled to vote, run for public office, and call themselves truly an American.

We look forward to guiding you through the process to obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Deferred Action or DACA

There are thousands of young people in the U.S. without legal status who have been forced to live their lives in the shadows. DACA allows these young people to live, work, and pursue higher education in the U.S. Allow the Holland Law Firm, PLLC to apply for DACA on your behalf.


There are special immigration benefits available to unaccompanied children, victims of domestic violence, and victims of serious crimes.

These benefits are discretionary and generally require extensive guidance. We look forward to helping you with all your legal needs.


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