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Case Result: Asylum Granted

Attorney Tatiauna Holland of Holland Law Firm, PLLC successfully represented a client from El Salvador in removal proceedings. The client faced deportation because she entered the United States without admission (without permission).

With Attorney Holland's assistance, the client filed for asylum on account of religion. The client asserted she suffered extreme physical violence by non-governmental actors who desired to disqualify her from religious practice based on established rules and tenements.

An immigration court judge in Houston, Texas granted our client asylum. While the immigration court judge asserted religion may not have been the persecutor's only motivation, we sufficiently proved that she was specifically targeted based on a protected ground and had a reasonable fear of future persecution if forced to return to El Salvador.

Now our client has successfully obtained asylee status in the U.S. and can look forward to becoming a permanent residence or green card holder next year.

If you or your loved one is afraid to return to his or her home country, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced immigration attorney to see whether asylum is a viable option for you. Tatiauna Holland and the Holland Law Firm, PLLC assists clients throughout the U.S. with immigration matters, including deportation defense, asylum, adjustment of status, naturalization, and more.

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