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Case Result: Professional Conduct Review

Tatiauna Holland of the Holland Law Firm regularly advises individuals and businesses on proper conduct and ethics in a professional setting. 

Last year, Tatiauna Holland began representing a local nurse, who was under investigation by the Texas Board of Nursing. The Texas Board of Nursing asserted our client failed to timely assist a dialysis patient.

The client contacted Tatiauna Holland two days before the response to the Board of Nursing was due. Attorney Holland knew the client had a promising career and the allegations against her were unfounded. Even with such a short-time line, Attorney Holland took the case and submitted a detailed, thorough brief in support of the client's response to the Board.

Most Board of Nursing investigations take between 6-9 months; however, for circumstances beyond our control, this investigation took longer without any explanation from the Board. Our client continued to excel in her career and received outstanding support from management and peers. 

We continued to submit supplemental documentation, including letters of support, recommendation letters, and other documentation to show our client was a professional and competent nurse.

Finally, after a year-long investigation, the Board closed the investigation and took no action against our client. Our client has now started her dream job as a labor and delivery nurse.

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